Privacy statement UNIQA Liechtenstein

Privacy statement UNIQA Liechtenstein

A. General information
The following privacy policy shall apply to all websites of UNIQA in Liechtenstein (hereinafter referred to as "UNIQA"). The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the method of collection, processing, and use of your personal information during and in connection with your visit and/or registration to UNIQUA websites.
We are committed to protecting your privacy in the course of handling of personal information; hence, we exercise the expectable care and diligence when processing your personal information.
The websites of UNIQA may also contain links to other websites, which are not controlled by UNIQA; therefore, visiting such websites is at your sole responsibility. UNIQA assumes no responsibility or liability for such other websites, the content or privacy practices thereof.
B. Security of your personal information
The Internet is a worldwide open compound of computer networks. You may disclose your personal data on the Internet at your own risk.
To protect your personal information, UNIQA has implemented adequate security standards. However, despite extensive technical and organizational security precautions, no absolute security may be granted.
For the reason indicated hereinabove, please kindly be requested to support our security efforts by refraining from the disclosure of sensitive or not required information. In this context, please also pay attention to log out every time, when you leave an area of the website that is protected by the requirement of user registration/login. 

C. The purpose and legal basis of processing your personal data
UNIQA collects, processes and uses your personal information solely for the following purposes:
- to manage, operate, maintain and improve the website;
- to process orders submitted through the website;
- to customize and tailor the content and offers of the website to your personal preferences;
- to assess your entitlement to certain offers available on the website;
- to analyse customer behaviour;
- to answer questions and comments;
- to provide information on products, services, and sales promotions;
- to deliver promotional materials of products, services and sales campaigns (direct marketing);
- to communicate various matters (such as safety notifications, support- and administration-related information, etc.);
- to manage activities or events, serving the purposes of promotion of sales;
- to comply with legal obligations;
- to enforce contractual arrangements; as
- to the realization of further, individually specified purposes.

Should that be required by the respective laws and regulations, UNIQA will ask for your permission prior to the collection, processing, and use of your personal data. In addition, within the frames of the related legal obligations, UNIQA will provide you with appropriate prior notification of any new or another purpose of processing of your personal information.
Furthermore, UNIQA hereby represents and warrants that access to your personal information will be granted to a limited group of persons only, as much as such access is required to the performance of their tasks and duties.

D. Types and categories of your personal information
Besides the data provided voluntarily (by means of filling out online forms, sending e-mails, the creation of login account, etc.), UNIQA also handles, processes and uses data collected by it actively in connection with the use of the website. Hence, no exhaustive list of the different types and categories of your personal data that UNIQA might collect, process and use is possible to be given. In general, personal information comprise the following types and categories of data:
- name, title and address;
- personal contact details (telephone, e-mail, etc.);
- data of and your function in the organization you represent (name, address, department, contact details, etc.)
- all relevant information concerning your computer and your connection (IP address, operating system, type, version and configuration of your browser, name of your Internet provider, etc.) to enable the connection to and use of the website and the exchange of data;
- the relevant information of the websites (URL, IP address, etc.), from which you were redirected to or accessed the website of UNIQA, as well as date and time thereof;
- all subpages and links (URL Clickstream) visited during the use of the website of UNIQA, as well as the date and time thereof;
- all queries, the messages and orders sent;
- the history of all open and completed queries, orders and transactions;
- the collected search terms, as well as the products and services you checked on the website of UNIQA;
- information collected by means of using cookies or similar technologies;
- signs in into your account, etc.;
- all consents and authorizations granted;
- all information you provided on or uploaded to the website of UNIQA (e.g. online forms, etc.).
E. Transfer of your personal information to and the recipient thereof in a third country
UNIQA is a European organization. Therefore, your personal data may be stored and processed outside of your home country. UNIQA may transfer your personal information within the corporate group to the Headquarter Austria as central administration and to the Group Service Center Slovakia. Without your expressed consent, UNIQA may not trade, disclose, forward or otherwise share your personal information in any form and by any means.
UNIQA may transfer your personal information within the corporate group to third countries without an adequacy decision of the EU-Commission in exceptional cases only. In such a case, UNIQA shall ensure the safety of data processing by means of an intercompany agreement, based on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) respectively the new Swiss Data Protection Act (nDSG).
Any request to disclose your personal information to authorities will be handled in strict compliance with the applicable laws.

F. The term of storage of your personal information
Your personal information will be stored by UNIQA as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which such data were collected, in accordance with the data storage guidelines and / or the applicable legal principles.

G. Possibilities to protect your personal information
There are several options available to protect your personal information, which UNIQA collects, processes and uses. Some of these options are the following:
- you may choose not to provide certain personal information, especially when you are requested by UNIQA to grant your consent to the collection of such information;
- you may revoke your previous consent granted in relation to data protection at any time, with respect to the future;
- you may select upon the registration the scope of personal data you intend to make available for UNIQA;
- you may inquire whether, and which personal data of yours are collected, processed and used by UNIQA;
- you may request the correction of incorrect personal data at any time;
- you may request the deletion of your personal data, provided that the processing thereof is based on your consent;
- you may request the limitation of or object to the processing of your personal data;
- you may request the transferability of your personal data.

In case you intend to exercise your right to file a complaint against UNIQA, please contact the Data Protection Agency in Liechtenstein, as the competent supervisory authority.

H. The use of cookies and similar technology
The purpose of cookies is generally to improve the performance and use of the website. In addition, cookies may also serve advertising purposes.
UNIQA uses in connection with its website the following types of cookies and similar technologies:
- Matomo
- Google Custom Search Engine
- Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing
You may change the cookie settings of your browser at any time or completely refuse to accept the use of cookies and thus restrict the disclosure of your personal data. However, please be aware of the fact that, should you opt for this possibility, you may not be able to benefit from some functions and features of the website.
A detailed explanation of cookies and a description of how they work can be found on the website ‘All About Cookies’.
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For information about the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Matomo, please visit:
For information about the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Google Maps / Earth API, please visit: and
For information on the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of Google+, please visit:

I. Changes in the privacy policy
The business activities of UNIQA are subject to a constant change; hence, this privacy policy may also be amended from time to time accordingly. In case of an amendment, UNIQA publishes the updated privacy policy, indicating the date of such new version in the last line of the text. The continued use of the website of UNIQA shall be deemed as an acceptance of the updated version.

J. Contact
Your feedback is always welcome.
Should you have questions or comments about our privacy practices or concerning your personal information stored by UNIQA, please contact the privacy officer: <>
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