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Whether you are a professional career musician, hobby musician, music student or violin maker:
the brand program „CasaArte Musik“ is suited to your individual requirements.

The key component of CasaArte Musik is the all-risk cover for instruments. We insure instruments against almost every hazard. Whether it be simple robbery during orchestra rehearsals, accidents, dropping, forgetting or damage while traveling.

The risk of impairment of master instruments is co-insured premium-free, as well as leaving the instrument behind in the luggage compartment of a motor vehicle.

Important for professional musicians: the instruments are insured at concerts and rehearsals as well as on orchestral trips.

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of musical instruments insurance

  • All-Risk Cover
  • Simple and fast contract management
  • For hobby and professional musicians
  • Includes insurance protection while travelling
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What is included in the all-risk cover?

Whether robbery or accidents during rehearsals, the instruments are insured against almost all hazards.

Is my violin insured for travel?

Yes, the insurance protection applies for journeys of up to six weeks worldwide.

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