UNIQA has been one the official of The Association for Human Resources Management in International Organizations (AHRMIO) for many years , demonstrating thus our interest to remain as closer as possible from the daily and upcoming challenges face by our international clients and partners.

AHRMIO is dedicated since 1999 to furthering the management of people in not-for-profit international organizations in the governmental and non-governmental sectors.

AHRMIO was conceived and born as a truly international association that would reflect in its membership, events and research the unique characteristics of international not- for-profit organizations.

The Association seeks to strengthen the development and effectiveness of all those charged with responsibility for people management, be they human resources specialists or line managers.

AHRMIO started with only some twenty international organizations. It now numbers nearly seventy! Clearly, it has met a need. But it always seeks to improve and serve its membership better.

Please visit the ARHMIO website for further information: