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UNIQA Versicherung AG in Liechtenstein, 100% daughter company of UNIQA Insurance Group AG in Vienna, founded on 15 March 1995 as the first Liechtenstein insurance company is entered under the following company designation in the trade register of the Principality of Liechtenstein:

UNIQA Versicherung AG is monitored by the Financial Market Authority (FMA).

UNIQA Versicherung AG, Vaduz, Register number FL-0001.522.928 – 1

Address:Austrasse 46, LI - 9490 Vaduz
Management:Dr. Daniel Kühneisen (CEO, CSO, COO)
Dkfm. Carsten Abraham (CFO)
Nadine Burcher (CITO)
Supervisory board:Mag. Kurt Svoboda
Dr. Wolfgang Kindl
Olivera Böhm, M.Sc
Dr. Peter Eichler
Hans-Uwe Herbert Müller


History UNIQA Versicherung AG:

Foundation of UNIQA Versicherung AG (Nordstern)
Reorganization of Nordstern to AXA Liechtenstein
Acquisition of AXA Liechtenstein by UNIQA
Dr. Daniel Kühneisen was appointed as CEO
Sale of UNIQA Lebensversicherung AG (Life) to Aspecta Assurance International AG
Portfolio Transfer & Opening (establishment) of a new branch office

Uniqa group

GWP Development:

2013: GWP EUR 0

2014: GWP EUR 11,3M

2015: GWP EUR 20,6M

2016: GWP EUR 25,2M

2017: GWP EUR 44,0M


UNIQA Versicherung AG has a ‘A-‘ Rating with stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s.
File name: S&P Rating


UNIQA Insurance Group is one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

UNIQA Insurance Group holds a leader position in Austria and the CEE Markets.

We can deliver international solutions in various currencies and in line with the local fiscal regulations.
Carsten Abraham CFO
Miron Weichert Finance expert

UNIQA GlobalCare SA in Geneva, a Third-Party Insurance Administrator fully owned by UNIQA International Group and former UNIQA Assurances SA company remains the recognized and experienced company of UNIQA Insurance Group in the field of international health insurance plans administration. UNIQA GlobalCare benefits from a strong support of UNIQA International in Vienna.

AddressRue des Eaux-Vives, 94
ManagementNadine Burcher-Grainville (CEO)
Susanne Jujan (Head of Finance, General Secretary)
Supervisory Board

Dr. Wolfgang Kindl, President
M. Sandro Delorenzi
M. Peter Eichler
M. François-Daniel Golay
Mrs. Olivera Böhm


UNIQA has been a Geneva-based leading international health insurance company in Switzerland since 1971. Combining long-standing international expertise and strong support from a large international insurance group, has been offering a wide range of international health insurance solutions in Geneva to both Multinational Companies and International Organizations for almost 50 years.

As from 01.01.2017, UNIQA has set up a new operational internal structure in Switzerland. Insurance risks and claims administration have been indeed separated within two separates entities:

  • Insurance risks carried out and insurance policies signed up by the Swiss Branch of UNIQA Versicherung AG Vaduz in Geneva
  • Claims administration operated by UNIQA GlobalCare SA in Geneva, former UNIQA Assurances SA, hence acting as a service company and not as an insurance company.

Both entities operate in close cooperation under the same roof in Geneva.

The entire process has been operated under the aegis of the competent financial market authorities (FINMA in Switzerland and FMA in Liechtenstein) and in line with the Agreement on direct insurance and intermediation between the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein signed on 19 December 1996 and enforced as from 9 July 1998, SR 0.961.514.

UNIQA GlobalCare SA registration number: CHE-110.135.004

UNIQA Versicherung AG, Succursale de Genève registration number: CHE-427.214.145