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Being Based in Liechtenstein, UNIQA enjoys from the freedom of services in both Switzerland and the European Union. Our strong expertise and recognized competences in Switzerland as well as in the Central and Eastern countries makes UNIQA a unique and innovative partner in this “UNIQA” region in Europe.

All operations are performed in Geneva under the highest requirements in terms of data protection policy, legal compliance and client services management.

UNIQA in Switzerland

UNIQA operates in Switzerland under the Swiss branch of UNIQA Liechtenstein based in Geneva as a fully compliant Swiss-based insurance company in line with the agreement on direct insurance and intermediation between the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein signed on 19 December 1996 and enforced as from 9 July 1998, SR 0.961.514.

As a recognized and long-standing Swiss-based insurance company, UNIQA delivers Swiss compliant Group international health insurance solution towards both Swiss expatriates and residents.


UNIQA proposes comprehensive expatriate insurance plans ensuring the highest level in terms of benefits and services towards insured members and transparent and sustainable financial conditions towards group policyholders.

Top-quality insurance plan

  • Global protection
  • Treatment in private ward
  • Free choice of medical provider
  • Worldwide 24/7 assistance
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Comprehensive level of services

  • Direct billing in case of hospitalization
  • Fast claim refund for outpatient treatments
  • Online claims submission
  • Multilingual and dedicated care team
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Customer care management

  • Sustainable financial approach
  • Transparency under Quality Assurance Plan
  • Fully compliant insurance solutions
  • Tailor-made insurance upon request
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Your UNIQA Protection

Innovative health insurance solution
Staff based in Switzerland
Sustainable pricing approach
Swiss-compliant solution
Best medical tariff agreements
International insurance plans


UNIQA has developed a unique, exclusive and innovative international solution for Swiss residents subject to mandatory Swiss social insurance, LAMal/KVG.

UNIQA proposes a worldwide LAMal top-up insurance cover unique in its kind with the following benefits:

  1. Comprehensive benefits on top of LAMal/KVG insurance
  2. Worldwide 1st CHF cover for elective inpatient and outpatient treatments abroad
  3. Best value for money solution: proposition of different LAMal partners from UNIQA
  4. A single point of contact for enrolment and invoicing
  5. A single point of contact for outpatient claims submission
  6. Direct billing in case of hospitalization worldwide
  7. No medical questionnaire

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Global insurance solution

  • Worldwide cover
  • Treatments in private ward
  • Elective treatments abroad covered
  • Direct billing in case hospitalization worldwide
  • Worldwide 24/7 assistance

Best value for money solution

  • Swiss compliant solution
  • free choice of LAMal partner
  • Transparency under Quality Assurance Plan
  • Tailor-made plans upon request

Customer care Management

  • Single point of contact for enrolment/invoicing
  • Single point of contact for outpatient claims
  • Online claims submission
  • Multilingual and dedicated care team

In Central and Eastern European countries

UNIQA Liechtenstein might coordinate fronting and reinsurance employee benefits solutions under master international programs towards policyholders based in the CEE region.

Our skillful and dedicated team uses their ability to build up sophisticated and innovative employee benefits master programs among the large panel of countries where UNIQA Group is localized under a single entry point in Vaduz.

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Part of leading European insurance group
Fast claims payment
'A-' Rating by Standard & Poor’s
Tailor made solutions
Individual contact points
Solutions for high governance and compliance environments

Top reasons

Who may use our expatriate plan?

Our global expatriate plans (from 1st CHF medical expense) are geared towards any group based in Switzerland with their members (and their related dependents) working as expatriates out of Switzerland.

What does our Expatriate plan cover?

UNIQA in Switzerland has gained a huge tailor-made health insurance plan based on the best value for money principle. UNIQA in Switzerland has been offering comprehensive international solutions for decades. Our long-standing and recognized experience has enabled us to set up sophisticated international medical solutions. Our plans usually provide a full refund in case of inpatient treatment and maternity in a private ward or outpatient treatments as well as top-level industry dental and optical benefits.

Who may use our health insurance solution for Swiss residents?

Our international health top-up plans are geared towards any group based in Switzerland with their members (and their related dependents) working in Switzerland and subject to the Swiss mandatory health insurance, LAMal/KVG.

What does our top-up plan cover?

UNIQA in Switzerland proposes an exclusive, compliant and comprehensive health insurance plan on top of LAMal/KVG. We offer inpatient and maternity treatment in a private ward in addition to high-level outpatient, dental and optical benefits. As an innovative solution, UNIQA also covers elective treatment worldwide!